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Save time and money

Don't waste time writing out assignments for external companies, create the application yourself, cheaper and without stress.

Easy configuration

Creating a mobile or web application is as easy as writing HTML code. The application is configured using a simple language based on the YAML format.

Customer support

Do you need advice? Not a problem! We are here for you from Monday to Sunday.

Complete solution

User authentication, monitoring, statistics, alerts, etc. Everything is available to you from an intuitive administration interface .

Easy to deploy

You run the application server on any OS, easily connect to existing APIs or databases, and you can run it on your internal network.

Deleted components

Advanced form elements, a perfect barcode reader and many other components are ready to use in your application.

How to create a mobile application?

  1. You start the server application with the path to your configuration file.
  2. You launch the mobile application.
  3. You edit the configuration and see in real time what your application looks and works!

Create an application from ready-made templates.

Choose from several templates with ready-made content that you can easily adapt to your needs.


This simple application is used for asset inventory. Uses SQLite database.


This simple application is used for attendance records. Uses a MySQL database.

Price list

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  • 1 device

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22$per month
  • 3 devices
  • 5$ for each additional device

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109$per month
  • 25 devices
  • 3$ for each additional device

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199$per month
  • unlimited number of devices

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If you are interested, we can provide you with experts who will create the application for you in a few tens of minutes according to the assignment.

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